What is Car Scene Report?

Welcome to the Car Scene Report. I am the face behind the report; my name is Samantha Septer. I’m very excited to be bringing you the latest on what’s going on in the car scene! I’m a student at UNC Charlotte majoring in Communication Studies, graduating in about a year and a half. I got into the car scene about eight years ago when my stepdad got his first Corvette. Shoutout to Chris. I instantly fell in love with all the different makes and models—Euro, American, exotic, etc. Going to different car shows, walking around, and seeing everything made me realize automotive wasn’t going to be just a hobby; it was something that I wanted to be my future career. The thing I love the most about cars is that two people could have the same make and model, but they could be completely different under the hood. Cars are something people can be extremely creative and different with and cars can also bring people together.

 As I am currently a junior in college, I started looking at internships at the end of last year and fortunately found one at Hotchkis Sports Suspension. I interned with them for about 5 months, learned a lot about manufacturing, marketing, and social media, and how to plan automotive events. Another thing I did while interning was go to Cars and Coffee of Charlotte with some of the Hotchkis staff, and we answered questions people had about the cars we brought, which was a lot of fun. I am also involved with Waxhax Coffee Cruisers thanks to a good friend, CJ. I have been very fortunate to have had some amazing learning experiences in automotive. And now I'm working with Randall and others from Street Cars 101 Magazine. I am very excited to see what the future holds. My goals for Car Scene Report are to keep car enthusiasts up to date on current events within the car community, spotlight those who are making a change, and meet new people through the report. Even if you’re not a huge car person, I hope those who read this learn something new and enjoy reading the report. This is just the start, so stay tuned for more along the way!