Samantha Septer 


Photo captured by Gray Cartwright 

Audi and Lamborghini  captured by Vibe Guys Media

Executive Car Event 5/13


A few weeks ago I attended one of the Executive Car Events hosted by Speedology and Colombia Car Meets at the NASCAR Tech Institute in Mooresville. What a great event organized by Tamsen, owner and CEO of Speedology Lifestyle Solutions, there was everything and more there. A few words from Tamsen, "This is our 3rd year of events there in case you were wondering so not a pop up or lucky oppty - lots of hard work and my relationships were in play to make this happen so we 1000% respect the staff and faculty for allowing us to do this and they also assist with tours, running the dyno and be gracious partners." Cool cars, great music and giveaways, tours of the institute, and so much more. I’ve known about the school but didn’t fully understand how complex and AWESOME it is. During the tour the group stopped in different sections of the facility. First, we started in the main lobby where there was a checkered flag painted with NASCAR drivers' signatures, present and past. The next couple spots were in labs where students have hands-on learning and training for the inside and out of cars, all makes and models. The last spot of the tour was in a lab where students are trained on NASCAR race cars which was very interesting to see up close. The NASCAR Tech Institute has so much to offer for someone who is interested in working in automotive. They are also partnered with Mopar and Ford, offering a three month course to earn different certifications. If you are someone that isn’t sure exactly what part of automotive you want to work or have an interest in I highly recommend checking them out. All the staff I talked to were very knowledgeable and friendly. I am looking forward to the next event July 15th from 5-9 p.m. Make sure to follow the Car Scene Report on Instagram and Facebook to see exclusive content from events. Also, another way to stay updated on what's going on is right here on the website!